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Sci-Fi Military Novel Series from an Independent Author

Blur Havok Studios
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
United States

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In the man-made country of Valhalla, factions wage war for their own sense of peace. Alastor Hacon leads the Private Military Company named "Blur Havok" against a malicious swath of different, powerful enemies. Can he defeat the evil that yearns for power? And will everyone in his company make it to the other side?

Written by independent author Failus Washington, Blur Havok is not just a series of novels; it is a potential multi-media franchise waiting to be discovered. Alongside the novel series, he Blur Havok YouTube page offers insightful criticism of modern media and advice for new and budding writers. With the first steps into music production, Blur Havok will be an entity to watch in the coming years.
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